Where can I find these?

  1. I love these shoes but they're sold out online. I haven't checked the store yet, but just in case, do you have any other suggestions of where to buy Enzo Angiolinis?

  2. What size do you need? That would probably be the most important thing so somebody can help you. lol
  3. Try Zappos.com, eBay...try or googling it.. Good Luck!
  4. You can find Enzo's at Bloomies, Nordstrom (obviously), Macy's and possibly Lord and Taylor. I assume you need an 8M seeing as that is a usual size and it happens to be out of stock.

    Maybe you could do a live chat with Nordstrom online and they can look in their computer to find them for you. My Nordstrom salesman is spectacular, so I know they will know what store and where they would have them.

    I have noticed recently that they have resized womens shoes. I used to wear an 8M and now I am buying 7M's. Maybe it would pay you to purchase the shoes in two sizes and see which one fits better. :\

    PS I googled- every hit/site, redirected me to Nordstrom.
  5. Most department stores carry this brand, as the i:heart: bags mentions. I would try a big store like Macy's herald square and see if they have them. If not they can do a check for other stores. Nordstrom is also really great about doing this. However if you don't have the name of the shoe, style number, etc. it may be more useful to do a live chat and provide the operator with the pic you posted here so they can give you that info. Good luck!
  6. I saw some at Macy's! Maybe you could give them a call?