Where can I find these shoes!

  1. Does anyone know where I can find these cute shoes? :love: they are called cindie flats & they are allllll over eBay. I cant even really figure out if they are authentic or not b/c I dont know how to look up shoes in the drilldown! The style number is A2031. I was hoping someone could tell me if they are real or not, and also where I can find them. I dont want to buy them on eBay since Im not sure if I will need an 8 or an 8.5. I feel like they must be on sale somewhere since everyone is selling them! Thanks! :flowers:
  2. check craigs list!!!
  3. Those may be shoes that were made exclusively for a dept store, like Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. I remember seeing a pair in Nordies last fall that I never saw anywhere else & if I'd seen them on ebay I would think they were fake. So if they're all over ebay, they were probably were in a dept store & went on sale & thats why there are so many of them.

    As far as size, I typically wear a size 9 heeled dress shoe. I usually wear a 9 sneaker. I own a pair of Coach dress shoes that are flat, but are 9s. However, when I tried on the Alana stripe ballet flat last year & the Ladie striped ballet flat this year I needed an 8. I hope this helps you determine your size. I went to the Coach store & tried on a couple of pairs before I bought my dress shoes on ebay.
  4. i'm pretty sure these were a department store exclusive cuz i remember seeing them at bloomingdales in brown and hot pink...i wear a size 8 shoe but when i buy coach flats i always get a 7.5 because they seem to run big but there sneakers run true to size..hope that helps...
  5. I saw them at my local Macys.
  6. Got my hot pink ones at Bloomies.........they were headed out along with the brown ones, say middle of August. Best bet, craigslist or the horror-bay; maybe DSW.

    I got a 7, fit snug and haven't stretched at all. I have an odd foot, so I have to try on three different sizes to see which ones fit the best.
  7. macys and bloomingdales
  8. I have a pair. The punch stripe got them as a bday gift from my friend. She got them at Macy's. I've also seen them at Nordstrom. Here is some info that might be helpful. Any shoes with the style number that begin with A are made just for department stores.
  9. I saw them at Lord & Taylor
  10. Thanks so much everyone! Im on a hunt to find them now, they are so cute! Im going to start calling Macy's/Bloomies/Nordies & get the scoop. When I find out details Ill let you all know. Im so glad I found this thread again- I guess it was moved, but I thought it disappeared!