Where can i find these shoes? They're GORGEOUS!!!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Those are LANVIN Cone Heels from spring/summer 2006's runway collection -- the satin ones all sold-out full price very early on that season. Now it's pretty impossible to find these anywhere; even on eBay I've never seen a pair in that yellow color pop up. I love that color though....but I only have a pair of those in black satin. Keep stalking eBay if you're looking for cone heel Lanvin's from that collection.....guess that's my only advice as they're long gone from stores.
  3. Thank you :smile: I will keep an eye out on eBay i guess, thanks again :smile:
  4. I like those. Yellow is big for spring.
  5. Was organizing my shoe collection this evening and took a photo of my Lanvin cone heels -- both are from spring/summer 2006 & both featured on the runways. The one on the left is exactly the same as Ashlee's, except in black satin. The one on the right is black patent with wooden cone heel, more year-round/not as dressy as the black satin one.
  6. It is lovely :smile:
  7. definately looks lanvin.