Where can I find these blue flaps?

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  1. I was just surfing the Internet & found these two lovely flaps in blue.

    1) This one I know is called Royal Blue Soft & Chain flap bag. Is this still available? Which sesaon it was under actually?

    2) The second one must be the classic flap with silver hardware, but in what size? Have you seen any at the boutiques?

    TIA :idea:

    (click to enlarge)

  2. The blue soft & chain might still be available. I think it was released this past spring. My NM used to have this bag. You could have an SA at NM do a computer check to see if there are any still available. It retailed for $2225. It is lambskin so it tends to be more delicate. It is a beautiful bag!

    Sorry, I don't know about the 2nd one. It's pretty also!
  3. I saw the first one a week ago at NM in Troy, MI. The number is 248-643-3300. Lisa is a great SA there.
    Where did the second pic come from? Is it a recent fashion show?
  4. Love the second one! Hope it is somewhere:drool: Have to add it to my wishlist~~sigh....
    Anyone has info about this bag, you will be my lifesaver!
  5. ditto aprilvalentine - I actually tried it on, too. I found it very very wide (much more e/w) and the chain is really short. beautiful leather and color, though

  6. I tried it too! Love the color also. Would kill for the second purse.
  7. Forget to mention the second photo was originally posted by greatbag84 in the reference library yesterday.

    But here's another one from Vogue.com Paris - Chanel Haute Couture

    So, is this a medium? anyone see this before?
  8. my god i would love a blue chanel....

    i haven't seen them release a bright blue for a while, it might be a bit older says mid 90s
  9. Looks more like a large! Never seen one, very cute!
  10. OMG!!!!! I cannot WAIT for that second blue flap to come out (I'm a flap slut haha!)... even at the absurb prices, I would buy that in a second to add to my flap collection.