where can I find these 2007 earrings?

  1. I've only been on this site a few days and my shopping list is getting longer.........

    I'm looking for the white butterfly earrings w/ the orange CC's. And possibly the matching bracelet.

    I'm not sure if they are hard to find but they don't have them in my local Saks/NM.

    The picture attached is not my picture but from another post on this site....I hope that is ok I attached it to this thread to show you what I'm looking for....

    My A/X is out and ready.......please help!!!

  2. I will keep my eye out for you- I'm going to NM tomorrow, yipeeeeeeee!
  3. I jumped the gun a bit........I took someone's advice and called Lynn in Las Vegas at the Wynn and she shipped them out today!!! I didn't get the bracelet though ~ maybe next month.
  4. ^^ congrats! glad you were to track it down!!