Where can I find the White or light colored Maxi?

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  1. Please help me anyone?
  2. #2 Aug 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2009
    I'm sorry but are you searching for the current season's or last season's maxi? The Chanel boutiques (in the US) didn't order the current maxi in white. So you will need to try the department stores (if there was a white maxi made)....

  3. TQ. So this season there's no white maxi, right?
  4. the lightest color I've seen is a pale pink...def haven't seen or heard of any whites for this season
  5. No but some dept stores will be receiving white maxi's for cruise 2010...Hirschleifers for example.
  6. There is an ivory lambskin maxi with pewter hw. There's also a light pink one in the same hw. They're new at the Chanel boutique.
  7. I need to see the pink. Im down for it and saw the color swatch and it looked coral and then I heard it was pink. Cant wait!
  8. My SA Lesly from Houston boutique sent me the pics. They look absolutely beautiful IRL. I love lambskin at its best, all the puffyness without any scratch.

    This is the ivory.


    This is the pink, very very light. The pic doesn't come out to be that good. But you get the idea.

  9. I wonder Do these come with caviar? Besides the boutique, any dept store got them?:P
  10. They only come in lambskin. My SA said they're part of a special collection for the fall.
  11. Thanks Alice!;)
  12. Thanks for the pictures Alice! They are gorgy!

    NM just got in some of the Pink. Call Stephanie @ 210-558-8000 ex 2134 and get in on the 6 months promo!
  13. OMG drool-worthy! i'm pining for a white or ivory jumbo classic flap in caviar but that lambskin....
  14. my SA James still has 1 white maxi from summer left over in white caviar w/ SHW

    tell him lisa sent you!
    good luck!
  15. love the ivory! good luck in your search