Where can I find the Vitello Peggy?

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  1. I'm dying! I saw this bag 2 years back but when I was in Italy, the SA told me that it's from past season and they only have it in black. :sad: I could feel my heart drop! It's been 2 years and I still want this bag. I can't get over it!!
    picture from http://bagcraze.blogspot.com/2008/11/miu-miu-vitello-peggy-shoulder-bag.html

    I would really really appreciate it if anyone knows where I can get this bag in brown. I wouldn't mind if it's 2nd hand if it's in good condition. :yes::yes:
  2. i too am looking for this bag in graphite. if anyone knows where i can find one (either online or in southern california) i'd be thrilled!
  3. They have this bag in graphite (two left the last time I checked) at the SAKS in Long Island, NY.
  4. I love this bag! Its my favorite but I have it in allumnio and would like to purchase it in a darker color. I saw a few at Saks in Tysons' earlier in January. They may have some left because I saw at least 6 or 7 in various colors on display but I just remember it in nero and a wine.
  5. I have an allumino Peggy too and I love it!! Did you get the allumino during the 40% off sale in BH?

  6. Yes, I did! It's so adorable!
  7. i've called a couple of Saks stores and was told they no longer carry Miu Miu :sad: