Where can i find the TReVi PM?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I've been looking for the Trevi PM, but i had no luck. It sold out. Does anyone know it's still available please tell me. I really like this bag.Thanks alot!
  2. Gah its been oos in Singapore for the longest time and I am dying with a desperate need to own this bag... :wtf:
  3. *sigh*
  4. ^ ?

    Where are you located ? If you are in the US, try 1 866 VUITTON - otherwise a store can look it up for you.
  5. found it in hongkong - peninsula hotel brach, hkd 12000 something. I saw it there on valentine's day
  6. The Soho story had the PM and GM when I was there on late Saturday afternoon. Give them a call, really nice SA is named Caren
  7. The LV in Orlando at Millenia Mall have both sizes of the Trevi. I was in yesterday afternoon. The # is 407-264-5290.

    I also saw the brown leopard cashmere scarf with the pink writing on the bottom - I did go a little nuts when I saw it, luckily not too many people were around to witness my craziness.
  8. The trevi is available on the louisvuitton.com website RIGHT now. Both sizes. Hurry!!!!
  9. There is one available at the Charlotte, NC store - saw it yesterday. Ask for Jeremy - he's VERY sweet!
  10. Saw one in the LV Natick Collection in MA. today.
    Tel. no. - 1-508-651-7806 They had both sizes.
    Good Luck!
  11. Saw one in Vegas at LV Fashion Show. Good luck!