Where can I find the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki?

  1. Is there anywhere that still sells the black one, mini or not?
  2. sadly, i've only seen it in tan and white...good luck!
  3. the other day i saw quite a few rebecca minkoff bags at bloomingdales...they don't show up on the website though..maybe you can call different bloomingdales and see if they have any?
  4. funkylala.com

    They have the best selection I've seen. Most colors seem to be in stock.
  5. I just saw a tan one at Lunaboston, don't know if they have black. Good luck.
  6. Thanks girls!
  7. I actually emailed the RM company to find out...and the chocolate Nikki should be up in a week or 2, and the rest should be up in about 3 weeks! (on her website, and probably other sites soon thereafter)
  8. I was just looking through my Lucky mag and found a Lucky Break for lunaboston.com. 25% off ALL orders so I decided to take a look. I wasn't looking to buy another bag but I came across the small Nikki in black. At 25% off, I couldn't resist! I got my Nikki for $420! Quick gals...go shopping!!!!! :yahoo:
  9. OOPS! Forgot to post the code. Enter "luckybreaks3" at checkout for your discount.:smile:
  10. I couldn't find it at Luna Boston site. Could you give me the link? Thanks.
  11. I think I got the last small Nikki because after I purchased it I went back to the RM page and it was no longer there. Maybe you can pre-sale the large Nikki at 25% off if you can wait till September.
  12. Thank you handbagaddict and chloegirl both so much!!! With 25% discount, the waiting sure is worth it. Now I have a lot of time to think which color to get.
  13. Oooh, I hope I'm not too late to use this code? I really want one of these too!
  14. It's currently at Shopbop! Alas, no code, but maybe they'll have something tomorrow for labor day?