where can i find the Quilted Elise ?!?!?!

  1. Bonjour all!!

    I have been searching endlessly for the Quilted Elise bag in blush or off white - but unfortunately no luck! I have even resorted to ebay - but i'm not sure what's fake and what's not.

    Pleaseee any suggestions ........

    Also, i am based in London soo if anyone has seen this coveted baaag please pleasee inform mee lol


  2. the only Quilted Elise i've seen as of yesterday was the patent cola (shiny muted brown) at the MJ Boutique on Mercer in NYC.
  3. Selfridges in London had one a month or so ago, why dont you try calling the Selfridges boutiques and ask?
  4. l called selfridges - they all sold out! :sad:
  5. Mimi23: Hope you will be able find Quilted Elise in the near future. Good luck. =)
  6. no luck! i guess i am not supposed to own one! :sad:
  7. Ebay is too risky, there's too many fakes Elise's available. Keep looking, I'm sure you'll stumble across one.
  8. Mimi, are you still looking for Blush or Chalk? Maybe members here can update you when this combination is spotted at a local department store here. I'm not sure if they will ship oversea though, will let you know. Don't give up. If it's meant to yours, it has a way of finding you. =)

    Be extra careful with ebay, Elise is a widely faked style (along with Blake, Venetia, MP, Sophia, Stella, Stam); there are lots of horrible fakes (plastic looking ones) with receipts on ebay.