Where can I find the price of the Lucky Charms scarf?

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  1. Does anyone know?
  2. I paid $390.00 (not including tax) here in NY for it. I got the Rose color on impulse (SA talked me into it LOL) when I was buying something else but exchanged it 2 days later because I was afraid my kids would pull the little charms off and ruin it.:sweatdrop: I just couldn't justify spending that much on something I would be afraid to wear! It IS absolutely adorable :heart: though and was a liitle sad exchanging it! :sad:
  3. Lucky charms scarf... do you have a pic of it? I'm trying to remember what it looks like... :push:
  4. Its £190 on the lv uk website, its in new arrivals at the mo

    Oh and the pink is adorable! which one did u want?
  5. There are two on eBay I saw yesterday in rose and ivory I think. The black is on LV's site and I love it with the multi charms! My mastiff would destroy it in no time tho! lol