WHERE can I find the pics of

  1. denim bags that are in stores RIGHT NOW?! I've looked and looked on line and don't have any luck!!!:rant: I saw a BEAUTIFUL bag at the store today and was going to ask a question about but can't seem to find the visual aid!!!:mad:
  2. Can you describe how it looks like? My avatar is one of the denim bag but I dont know if thats what you're looking for...Do u know which line is it from? Lux?
  3. I am thinking it's a large shopping tote in embroidered denim but not 100% sure!!! It's prob. a little larger than the large cambon tote, has the handles like the bag in your avatar and is made of dark denim with some embroidery on it and a charm that says No.5. Does it ring a bell?
  4. nope i'm afraid it doesn't :sad: sorry
  5. It was from this line (picture this bag in a large size):
  6. Got it from another thread- another poster had sent me some pictures from this line....but I can't view the images anymore :sad:


    I love it!
  7. If you go in the Chanel web site you can view the denim bags. They are so beautiful. I know the one you are talking about. I think you go into the 2006 Elux line for the denim bags.
    Do you have any idea what the prices are for these bags?
  8. THAT'S THE ONE!!! It's $1995.00 Canadian (+ 15% tax:rant:). LOVE IT!!!:love:
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