Where can I find the "O" stamp?

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  1. Just got Birkin in Tosca from the boutique, but I can't find the O stamp! :confused1:

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  2. I just got my SO black birkin but the stamp is also very light. In my Garden Party, I can hardly see it at all which is a little upsetting. I wouldn't want people to think that it is not authentic in case I need to unload later.

    You should ask your SA !
  3. where did you purchase this bag :wondering ask your SA
  4. I did ask my SA and she has no clue...... :shrugs:
  5. If your birkin is in Epsom it's really hard to see it. Don't worry, try to look in a different light.
  6. It's in Togo. I've looked at it for so many times and still can't find it. Should I be worried and concerned? :-s It's like having Chanel without its serial number, or LV without its date code....
  7. I guess Hermes would say it doesn't mean anything... But I would ask to the SA about it...
  8. Just want to say the tosca colour looks gorgeous. I'm still waiting for the call from my sales. Many congrats on your new bag!
  9. I'm having a tough time locating the stamp on my Massai Cut I bought directly from the boutique in SF so I understand how you feel.....
  10. Sorry, I didn't see your answer.

    What about the Store manager? If he has no clue too, maybe he can ask Paris.
  11. My sister just came back from Paris with a birkin 30 in Togo leather without the "O" stamp too. Bought from H at st honore. She was so flustered when she realized it. Wouldnt the QC at H had picked up the missing date stamp? Think it would affect the resale value of the bag?
  12. I don't think that they care about resale value of the bag. They hate the ideas of resellers but in reality, the bag is an investment and if one taste changes, it should be able to swap out. Not having the stamp affects the way people perceive the bag regardless of whether you want to make a profit or not.

    If I were you, I would ask the store manager and have it send back to Paris for a restamp. It is worth the wait or you'll regret down the road.
  13. Oh well, it disturbs me to think that such details are not checked by H before the release of these goods. It would be unfair to us consumers since we all pay the same price for these bags and yet there are such discrepancies.

    I was told that the stamping can be done by a H craftsman based locally but many a times the local stores are not very helpful in dealing with such matters especially when the bag was gotten from overseas...
  14. When i got my epsom wallet, u cant see stamp either..i could barely make out a square.
  15. Check the tag. If it is fall 2011, the tag should have a season code. It will say ”Automme 2011”.
    As well as other important data, like the skin, price, etc. I keep the tags since they are more useful than a receipt, which eventually fades away.
    At a sample sale a few years ago I got a black bolide in vache liegee. The stamp is located on the tab under the zipper pull. It was illegible and nearly impossible to find. That's when I really believe the SAs when they say those codes are just meaningless.
    And hold on to those tags.
    They won't say if the leather is box or togo, but it will say calf, bull, etc.