Where can I find the magenta simple pumo in patent leather?

  1. I see a pair on eBay but it is not my size. Does anyone in the U.S. sell them? I tried calling CL Horatio, CL Madison Ave, and CL Bevery Hills and none are selling them.


    P.S. pumo is supposed to be "pumps" - silly typo :p
  2. I thought the patent ones were available overseas if I recall correctly, like Hong Kong or something? I could be making this up. LOL

    Saks.com carried them in the magenta leather, but most were sold out as pre-orders.
  3. Thank you. ashakes. I ended up buying the pair on eBay. They are only 1/2 size large and I am hoping to make do somehow. I love the patent leather in this color and I called at least 10 stores in the US, none of which had ordered them.
  4. You have to post pics as soon as you get them! I love my regular magenta leather ones!!! I bet the patent leather is just fantastic!!
  5. there is a 6.5 on Saks website but i think it is regular leather.
  6. Thanks boslvuton & cynthia111! I wasn't paying attention and missed the saks pre-order. But the kid leather version looks fantastic, too! I will post pics when they come in. I can't wait!
  7. Just checked Saks.com, and there is a 36 and 36.5 in magenta simple 85mm
  8. Yes these are kid leather.
  9. I saw the kid leather in person at Saks the other day, but they did not have my size. I did pre-order the NP's in pink so that will have to satisfy my pink fix....maybe. lol