Where can I find the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Trevi GM/PM?

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  1. I am planning to get this as a graduation gift for my sister and I have searched hopelessly. There are so many replicas online that I am suspecting it is sold out completely? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. From what I heard this bag is Special Ordered not available from the permanent lines... If anyone else can confirm??
  3. They're one of the Made-to-Order items.. so enquire at your local LV and they'll be able to give you a quote!
    Hope that helps!
  4. This is a special order and will probably cost 25% more than a regular Trevi.
  5. yep it is a special order. Call your local LV
  6. thank you guys all of you are correct, it is special order, BUT a rep at LV told me that ITS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE FOR SPECIAL ORDER ANYMORE! This truly sucks to say the least but if any of you know where I can special order this model I would greatly appreciate any information, thank you all again!
  7. Look on ebay...i just saw one on ebay the other day that was authentic and brand new...you'll probably end up spending a bit more though.
  8. I just saw one in the display case as you walk into the Louis Vuitton store at the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. So it does exist! It was the Damier Trevi GM in Azur. Don't know the price. Good luck!
  9. Someone also posted that the Ebene Galliera is no longer available as an MTO also, so maybe this is the case with the Azur Trevi as well. Maybe LV only released these items as MTO for a year or so. I'd go to a boutique (if you're near one) to talk to an SA or begin to check out resellers.
  10. Hi Yogi's Closet has one for sale right now on ebay, but it's expensive.
  11. Not any more! I will be the lucky recipient of that baby on Monday. I'm somewhat new to tpf but I will do my best to do a reveal as soon as I receive it. :yahoo:
  12. This thread is TWO years old.
  13. Theres one in yoogis closet last time i check..
  14. It was bought by a TPFer, she mentioned it in a post. I think she gets it tomorrow.....
  15. There is one one at Mosh Posh.