Where can i find the floral bracelet now?

  1. Am i still able purchase from the outlet or the shop? anyone remembers the price?

    Thx alot...
  2. Are you talking about the leather bracelets with punched out flowers and perforated leather? I've seen them at the outlets in bright colors.
  3. Yes, that is the one. May i ask which outlet and do you remember the price?
  4. hey mcw, I bought mine from the woodsbury outlet. I phone ordered it. :smile:
  5. Hi Lemontart, how much did you pay for yours? what color did you pick?
  6. I don't remember the price. I saw them this summer in red, yellow, green. Call Woodbury and Cabazon outlets. They may still have them.
  7. When I ordered mine they were having 30% discount. I paid about a $100 for it. I picked Noce. I did post pics of the bracelet. Maybe you can search for the thread. :smile:
  8. Thx Lemontart