Where can I find the coffer bag?

  1. Hello everyone~
    I really really want to find and get the Coffer bag
    Plum or Dark brown color....
    But I can't find it..:crybaby:
    Does anyone see the coffer bag plum or dark brown color?
    PLZ let me know where it is~
  2. Did they make the coffer in another size? I was in NM over the weekend and saw a blush and brown one and they seemed smaller than I expected it to be(15 1/2"W X 11 1/2"H X 2"D).
  3. I keep trying to find the smaller version as well. I'll check NM website because I keep hearing about it but have yet to see it! :shrugs: Does it come with the front pockets like the original?
  4. Thank you miu2~
    The coffer bag at Styledrops does not have shoulder strap, right?
    I want to get coffer bag that have a shoulder strap..
    I have one more question..
    Does Styledrops sell 100% authentic stuff?
    Actually I heard that they sell fake sometimes... Um..
  5. all coffers should have the shoulder strap. i havent heard of smaller coffers. do they exist??
  6. Front pockets...can't positively say if it did or didn't...sorry, I was not paying too much attention. I just remember being quite disappointed with the size because I was expecting it to be a little bigger. I am very tempted to make the drive back and check it sometime soon. If it is indeed a smaller version maybe it will be slighty cheaper?
  7. Do you get charged a customs fee when you order from Styledrops?
  8. Styledrops sells 100% authentic bags. I have purchased from them and am extremely happy with their products and service. I am sure that the bag will come with the shoulder strap. ;)
  9. I saw a couple of small/mini coffer at Hong Kong Landmark boutique. It is not cheap compared to the regular size. The design looks exactly like the regular coffer but much much smaller. I think it's around USD 1000. Sorry, I didn't take picture and I don't live in HK. But I'm quite sure the Blush in NM website is not the one I saw.