Where can I find the classic and infamous MJ Stella?

  1. I love this bag! I have no idea where to find it though. Does anyone know?

    Any advice is very much appreciated!:heart:
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  2. I dont think you can buy a new one anymore, unless one showed up at an outlet - like Nordstrom Rack, Off Saks or NM Last Call. I guess you could also take a chance & contact an MJ boutique to see if maybe they have any left (or maybe as a customer return?)

    Otherwise, your best bet would be eBay, a resale shop or the classifieds (i.e., Craig's List and other For Sale threads)
  3. What color do you want? I am returning a Petal Pink (I think) to Nordstrom Rack sometime soon.
  4. ^ Most likely it's Washed Pink - pink with red/coral suede lining. They had several of these last summer. It's a very pretty pink!

    Ebay would be another good place to look if outlets or MJ no longer have any in stock. This style was discontinued in 2005.
  5. why is the stella infamous? :confused1:
  6. The "Stella" is MJ's original Stam - it was one of his first designs and the bag he became most famous for - Before the Stam was introduced, the Stella was one of the most wanted MJ bags and for a while, HTF.

    They tried a quilted Stella one season (the first season of the Stam??) with chain handles, but it didn't go over too well - the Stella was already a heavier bag, but the quilted leather & esp chain handles added way too much weight. Seems that after that the Stella just disappeared.........
  7. Gung,

    I bought my Stella (in IMMACULATE condition) on ebay. Definitely have it authenticated here, which I did. I absolutely love her. I think your chances of finding one on ebay are strong!
  8. thanks for the explanation, but I'm aware of the bag, I have one. my question was what makes it "infamous"? I've never heard it referred to that way. Infamy implies a bad reputation, so I was wondering what the OP sees as the negative aspects of the stella? Is it the weight that makes people think of it negatively? the fact that it is/was so coveted? just curious to know why this adjective with the stella.
  9. Good Luck on your quest!!
  10. May be it was just a typo??

  11. My personal opinion about why it's "infamous" is that Joy Gryson has been touting that she designed that bag for the past year. Personally, I'm so totally tired of hearing that from Joy. I saw her quoted in a Harper's Bazaar article and then I got an email from her personally when I returned a defective Gryson bag. Somehow there is relevance between a crappy Gryson bag and her claim to fame of designing Stella.

    If I were Marc Jacobs, I'd be a little annoyed because after all, the Stella does have his name on it.

    All in all, it seemd pretty infamous.
  12. You're able to return MJ bags to the NR? Our NR says that all designer bags are Final Sale - there are no returns and/or exchanges. It kinda sucks - I just bought an MJ bag about a week ago, and this week they had one I really wanted more, but I couldn't exchange the first one.
  13. infamous was probably just the wrong word to use.

    There are no negatives to the stella IMHO.
  14. I have NEVER been able to return a bag to NR... I, too, would love to know where one is that accepts them. One time and I just wanted to swap the bags but they still would not let me... :hysteric:
  15. Some NR bags have "final sale" tags attached to them. But, I did buy an Isabella Fiore bag at a NR in Colorado and returned it to a NR here in LA. It didn't have a final sale tag attached to it.

    GUNG you could also try Ann's Fabulous Finds, they have a mint-colored one right now (no it's not mine).