Where can I find the Bumblebee Dooney?

  1. Hi, if anyone can tell me a store or website where I can buy an authentic Bumblebee pattern I would be extreamly greatful. My husband was supposed to buy one for me for our anniversary and didn't realize that they retire. Duh. So I'm trying desparetly to track one down.
  2. Well gosh that was fast! Try eBay.. but be carefull of fakes.
  3. eBay and maybe lord and taylor
  4. There are some still on the Dooney & Bourke website...marked down too. Also I've seen a few here and there at different Macy's. eBay probably has some too. Hope you find one. I have the mini east-west bag in black and the skinny coin purse. They are so adorable. I've thought about selling mine a couple times cause I have so many bags, but every time I pull it out I start carrying it all over again!
  5. Seen a few a Dillard's a few weeks ago........IDK maybe you can check it out!
  6. Thank you all for replying. And guess what? I've got the bumblebee east/west mini slouch AND the wristlet! Both are in black and I Love Them. They are the cutest! Apparently he found them under the Specials section on the D and B website. I thought since he couldn't find them it was possible they were out of stock or retired. Now I see on the website the giraffe print. I love it. I'm going to start saving my $. I wish there were more then the 3 styles to choose from. I think I like the drawstring the best.

    Also, can anyone tell me what all the lunch totes hold. Seriously, is it for your lunch, like tupperware and a fruit cup? I want one.
  7. Cool you found it! I think those lunch totes are cute too... I would use it as a lunch bag. But I suppose you could also use it to throw some in to take to the beach or pool...
  8. Congrats! I'm so glad you were able to get them, they are so cute. I think one of the best designs by D&B. The Giraffe is pretty great too....I just bought the small sac yesterday and I love it!