Where Can I find the Brown suede lady Braid bag?

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  1. Its an absolute stunner...please help...Thank you :smile: xx
  2. where did you see it at? was it the flap or the stachel?
  3. It was the satchel...looks like two divided parts joined together with a zipper...veryyyy pretty...saw it in london
  4. actualy like a bowler or something
  5. Was is like this but in brown suede? If so, it's a new color.....I would call Chanel and see if they can find it for you. The brown suede sounds divine! Good luck!

    Lady Braid in violet....

  6. Its similar but not this...the shape kind of resembles the pic its a knockout
  7. ^ just wanted to drool over your purple lady braid, imgg!!!

    chanelobsessed, if it's not this bag, which lady braid is it? do you have a picture?
  8. no unfortunately I dont have a pic...its a brown suede bowler thats all I know
  9. ^hmm, are you sure it's from the lady braid line? it really isn't ringing a bell. :shrugs: the only lady braids i know are the satchel (see the pretty purple one that imgg posted above or my avatar for the black one) and the flap (carried by mischa barton).
  10. ^I was going to ask the same thing!

    A lot of lignes are starting to resemble each other now, w/ the leather woven chains:yes:
  11. I saw a brown distressed leather bag with a heavy chain that was terrific. Not suede though. South Coast Plaza--they had one left.

    I want your purple bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!