Where can I find the Black Halo Jackie O Dress?

  1. Black Halo Jackie O Dress

    I need to find this dress in Grey and all of the online boutiques i've perused have been sold out. :sad::crybaby:

    If anyone can offer any leads then I'd be oh-so-grateful!

    Thanks a bunch ladies :heart:
  2. They're having a sample sale in the LA area, maybe they'll have it there? Check deals and steals for info. As of now they don't appear to be accepting phone orders, but maybe that will change.
    Good luck!
  3. I'd search eBay regularly... also I would try to find the sku and call the department stores that carried it (I know Saks had it). They could try to locate one. I know a girlfriend of mine returned hers after a lengthy search because she didn't care for the fit. So if they get returns, presumably they're out there. Good luck!
  4. i've seen it online recently...i would do a google search
  5. pghandbag - Thanks for the tip! I'll try that.

    nolarice- i googled it and visited every site, they are all sold out in grey

    If anyone who owns the dress and you happen to have the SKU handy then please let me know! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
  6. oh no! im sorry!:girlsigh:
  7. shopintuition & Saks have it sometimes. start stalking their website!
  8. also singer22.com i believe also has it in black, didn't check if it was in grey, but i'd check there.
  9. I recall first seeing this during the late summer on the Ron Herman website. I just checked the site, and they have a number to call to check for availability. Maybe you can give it a try if you haven't checked there yet. Here is the link: http://www.ronherman.com/detailcall.aspx?ID=17920

    good luck!
  10. Hotterthanhollywood.com carries a bunch of the jackie-o dresses, though not sure if they still have any in grey left. You might want to call and ask them if they can special order it for you, though!
  11. hello all,
    thanks so much for your help

    so far i've checked revolveclothing.com, singer22.com, hotterthanhollywood.com, have been calling Saks compulsively, shopintuition.com, boutiquetoyou.com, and none are available in grey :sad:

    Does anybody happen to know of physical stores, in L.A or elsewhere, that might carry this dress?

    if anybody does, i'll try to call them directly and see if they could ship. Thats the best I can think of right now :sad:

    Please let me know! I'm dying for this dresssss. ah~~~~!

    Thank you all!
  12. All i know is SHOPINTUITION on pico near westside pavilion in los angeles :yes:
  13. I feel your pain! I was obsessing for weeks on the gray but I settled for the black. It isn't as "office amazing" and it makes it hard to break out of the "little black dress" cliche but it is fabulous on!!!! I bought mine from Revolve Clothing and I got a 20% discount from my instyle mag code.