Where Can I Find The Acadia Taupe Spy w/ Purple Handles?

  1. can anyone help me? pleaseeeee....?
  2. Right now I have a 24 hour armed :ninja::ninja:security guard standing over my handbag closet, as so many TPF members have expressed an interest in LIZ! :sweatdrop:

    Every once in a while have seen one on eBay...will announce it if one appears again...;)
  3. thanks baglady! i hoping to be able to locate one in the US. but i often find that in such cases they only ship within the USA!!! it is sooooo frustrating! because the thing is there, THERE, but i can't reach it!

    do you know of a way for a supplier/merchant to ship within US where it can then be re-routed overseas for a fee? i heard about something like that once but i am not too clear on it....
  4. You might do a search on the eBay division of TPF for help.

    Both Litigatrix & I have shipped bags overseas on a wire transfer basis or western union payment. Its a bit of a balancing act but it works. You would really only want to do that with a trustworthy seller. Also, if there are Customs Losses (disappearance)that could occur in the shipping process...that could result in an unhappy outcome for buyer - not sure how insurance would work on that.
  5. One come up now and then on eBay US, like baglady said but the seller only list when the listing fees are on special on their. I do not know when next the listing fees will be cut but keep an eye out.
  6. It is a great bag.
  7. Did you try the Fendi Outlet in Orlando, FL? I saw one there a few weeks ago. Not sure if they ship overseas, but worth the try...
  8. can you PM me their contact number?? *HOPE* *HOPE* *HOPE*