Where can I find tha antik cervo hobo?

  1. prada.jpg

    I love love love this bag. I have searched on line at NM, Saks, Prada etc. and cannot seem to locate it. Does any one here know where I can find this gorgeous bag in the NY metropolitan area? Thank you!
  2. Call Prada on Broadway in NY
  3. also call NM in Short Hills, NJ. There was one there tonite. good luck!
  4. Thanks girls for your quick replies. I don't think that I will be able to sleep tonight! I will call both stores first thing tomorrow!

    Since you have seen it IRL, can you tell me the approximate dimensions?
    Is this the bag you were talking about..It s hobo not a tote!!LOL!
  6. Jill

    What is DOULOS? I can't see a picture. The picture in my post is of a hobo. I am confused????:confused1:
  7. nope... i saw this one but the one i was telling you about was a diferent one, a tote. You know me....i suck at describing...lol
  8. LOLOLOL!!!Doulos is a PFer who justed answered yoU!
  9. Hi Karizma!
  10. Hopefully, I can see them both at the store, and try them on tomorrow. I hope that I don't get tempted to get both!
  11. Hi Jill and Doulos!

    I am trying to keep up with you guys! I am rediscovering Prada and am trying to catch up. I have always loved handbags, but this antik cervo leather has left me breathless.
  12. Jill, i can't find a pic of it online, call them tommorrow its on the left side middle shelf in the middle.
  13. Karizma, it is a beauty. I am also learning myself. As you can see i am having a hell of a hard time describing this tote to Jill. The SA was at another counter a needless to say, i will not purchase from her but her ignoring me will not keep me from going back there..lol
  14. HAHA... thats funny! I would call both those Prada locations, I did not see one at the Prada in Bal Harbour yesterday (that is not much of a help, but narrows it down one store!!)
  15. Karizma, you can also have an SA track one down from you. Best of luck to you.