Where can I find Sophie???

  1. Its been almost six months since I visited TPF. But now life is looking better and what better way to celebrate than a new bag. I've been wanting the Sophie since I saw it here last Dec. Since I live in India, I called LV and the SAs STILL have no clue about the Sophie :cursing:. Since I have a friend who is coming from NY to visit, I thought of asking him to pick one up for me. I wanted to know whether the Sophie is still available, if so how much does she cost. And is the Sophie available in NY, cause last I remember it was only in Japan and Hawaii?? Ladies, please help!!
  2. the Monogram Sophies are all sold out, and i think the Damier Sophies are too. your best bet right now would be eBay
  3. like yeuxhonnetes said, mono sophie is all gone. damier sophie however, there seems to be some sightings at some hawaii boutiques. probably because of a 2nd shipment. to be able to purchase a sophie from hawaii, you must have purchase history with any hawaii store, meaning you've had to have previously bought something in person.

    damier sohpie is set to be released in japan in november. it will not be available in the mainland US.
  4. thanks guys!!I'm all sad now:rant:
  5. ^^^ Aww, don't be sad! :flowers:

    Just keep your eye on eBay and I'm pretty sure one will pop up at a decent price.