Where can I find something in yellow??

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  1. The first time I wore them they were not that comfy around the toes, pinky toe was killing me. I have a little hump of a pinky toe which usually always hurts in patent. I wore them again the other night & they didnt hurt much at all. So on a scale of 1-10, 10 the worst) I would say they are a 4.:yes:
  2. i find that my tiburon espadrilles hurt my pinky toe too! but only if i wear them for a long time. i think it's because it's one size too small though. i will suffer for those red soles though!!
  3. i saw the yellow patent yoyos tonight and oh wow are they beautiful! they didn't have my size :sad: i wanted to try them on!
  4. i :heart: these yellow slingbacks! i think mk has the red ones? these look amazing with skinny jeans!!!!
  5. I saw the yellow ones too at Saks the other day and they were really pretty in person. CL boutique at Palazzo also has white patent Joli Noued's.
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