Where can I find something in yellow??

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  1. Thanks for all the input I really want these anyone know where I might be able to fins them?? Most of my louboutins are 38 butmaybe a 37 1/2 Also does anyone know the name of them?? TIA:heart:

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  2. they have them at my Saks and Neimans...but the ones with the back not the slide

  3. The patent nude Jolies are available at Saks, Barneys, and the CL boutiques. NM also carries this style, but only in black patent. Barneys carries them in black patent, nude patent, and navy blue patent. Saks has them in red patent, black patent, and nude patent.

    These are beyond beautiful! I wish they came in the slingback or regular back.[/quote]

    But, stinas they do. LOL Barneys had them in a slingback version in yellow and fuchsia as of December. :smile: Obviously, I'm not sure what sizes are available.


    I can't see the picture very well. Is there anyway to provide a larger photo???

    Also, what heel height did you want? Bergdorf Goodman had some, but one was w/ a cork heel and 120 mm and the other was yellow patent, but it had the chunkier heel.
  4. YES! It was BG! LOL! I couldn't think of the store when I posted earlier.

    Can you make the pictures larger? I can't see them very well either.
  5. I saw the picture on Just Jared. I think they are the yellow patent yoyo zeppa slingbacks. These are a previous season style. Foxy will know. lol


  6. Sorry here is the photo of the slingback I attached earlier. I forget that copy and paste doesn't work for all photos.

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  7. But, stinas they do. LOL Barneys had them in a slingback version in yellow and fuchsia as of December. :smile: Obviously, I'm not sure what sizes are available.

    I saw the slingback satin version on barneys.com in black & taupe, but didnt know about the yellow version!! Is it patent? I would be afraid of the satin getting dirty. ooo...pm me barneys SA's so I can order! If they have them in patent im calling today!
    Ohhh Asha ...you are the best!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. They are satin Stinas. :sad: I think you are careful like me though so go for it if you really want them!
  9. Stinas - Saks has the yellow patent Joli Noued (like your red ones). I tried them on today but the yellow just didn't look good on me. Get them now because they are having that $150 promotion until Sunday.
  10. LOL, Stinas is going to come home from Saks w/ those I bet!

    Wow, they must be new. They are making the jolie noued in more colors than I thought they would. Kamilla, I'm sure they looked great on you. Can't wait to see Stinas' pics. :smile:
  11. Sorry forgot about these. These are the Coxinelle in yellow patent and the heel height is 100 mm (4").

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  12. Oh you girls are bad! lol There are 2 left in a 38(which my red ones are) in NYC & one in Palm Beach. Im going to call NY today! Yay...early birthday present for me! lol
    I wish I can go pick them up myself today, but I cant make it into the city today :cursing: I hate running errands!
    Ill keep you all posted!!!:heart:
  13. :nuts: OOOOooooo... :nuts:
  14. now you guys are making me really want these!!! how comfortable are they? are they hard to walk in ?

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