Where can I find sexy one-piece swimsuits?

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  1. Lately Ive really wanted a one-piece swimsuit that is low cut in the chest area, and has the back exposed (but the sides are covered)--or something like that.

    Ive been looking online at some shops but I couldnt find one that was what I had in mind.

    Does anyone know any good swimsuit shops online?

    Thank you,
  2. Have you checked Vix swimwear?
  3. I found a few cute ones at target.com.
  4. I second target. for the last few years i have found super cute bathing suits at target.
  5. Some by Milly or Melisaa Odabash on NAP are really saucy - in a good way ;)
  6. Carabella used to have a bunch of nice one piece suits. They made the original Budweiser suit. They have specialty lines for specific cup sizes etc as well. I havent been there in a while (online) so I dont know what they have this time of year...
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    Spiegel has great swimsuits; I order a new one from their catalog every year.
  8. I got two really nice black ones in H&M last year, on sale for €5,- each!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Victoria Secret catalogs
  10. Gottex is fabulous; they know how to flatter the figure. They are pricey ($89 - 200ish) .. look for sales.
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