Where can i find Satin Round toe pumps?

  1. I want to find some cute Satin Round toe pumps like the ones rachel bilson wears in black... any advice
  2. Louboutin probably makes some -- I've seen satin pigalles (which are the pointy toe heels), but I'm guessing they might just have made some in the decollete style (but I haven't seen any)
  3. I'm not sure which ones RB wears, but Pedro Garcia makes some cute ones.
  4. You should post a pic of RB to illustrate what you're looking for. I agree, Pedro Garcia makes some cute ones, and they're comfy, too
  5. Christian Louboutin makes the Clichy pumps, which are round-toed :yes:
  6. Nine West had some. The style name: Aida
  7. I just have seen in Chanel boutique in HK. Those were really cute with ribbon.