Where can I find real Chanel CC earrings? (diamond)

  1. I'm trying to find where I can buy real Chanel CC logo earrings. Are they still sold at boutiques?
  2. Yep. I just saw some at Chanel Ala Moana yesterday. They're not real diamond, I believe they're Swarovski crystals. :yes:
  3. I don't know if the Chanel line of fine jewelry (real diamonds and gold) makes the CC ones with real diamonds.

    But I can tell you, if you get the costume ones, they shine like they are real diamonds!
  4. That's fine. Just as long as they're real! Do they take phone orders? What's their number?
  5. ^Chanel Ala Moana does, as do all Chanel boutiques.


    :yes: Tell Judy Isabel sent ya if she's there!
  6. Yea they are actually Swarovski crystals, i have the size Medium/Large and they shine realllly beautiful. I love them!! They have plenty of eBay but i think you would get a better price straight from Chanel, check both.
  7. ^Yeah, the ones on eBay are usually marked up quite a bit.
  8. how much are they? i don't want to call them and ask. :shame:
  9. ^There are prices in the Accessories thread in the Reference library. It really depends what size you get. :yes: There are S, M, L sizes I believe.
  10. On eBay their about 275-300 usually importedfashions have offer prices you can give them, i got mine for 275. Im thinkin at Chanel their around 225-250 but might have gone up a tad with the price increase, i doubt more than 275.
  11. I think as of now they only have size Large available which i have, but its more of a Medium/ Large perfect size!

  12. The fine jewellry one have no any CC logo

  13. The fine jewelry one have no any CC logo
  14. That's what I thought. I never remember seeing them in the fine jewelry collections.
  15. I have the small ones, and I think they were $220. They do sparkle like diamonds.