Where Can I Find/purchase These Little Beauties??? Please Help!!!

  1. Soooo in L:heart:VE with these bag so really really wanna get one or the other.... Please inform me if u have seen them somewhere ;)

    Spring/Summer 2005 Collection.

    Cream Stampted Coated Leather w/ red trim



    Cream Ctampted Coated leather w/green trim


    Thanks in advance~
  2. FF - these are not longer made, so you can check eBay auctions or consignment stores for them...but always get it authenticated here as there are many fake versions of this bag.

    Also note, a PFer recently purchased the white & green one sold on eBay...that was a SNAD -- truly in poor condition...I have seen a red and white one on eBay in poor condition as well...

    Now for some Drool material...a few of us PFers do own these bags (HBA & I have the white & red) Here is my "Pearl":

  3. hee hee, the one in her auction is NOTHING like a real one lol ;)

    I like you adore these bags, but they are very very rare and come up infrequently. I keep this piccie of Gwen Stefani carrying hers on my faves all the time! Truly a stunning bag.

  4. God dam fake sellers for getting me all excited :cursing: