Where can I find Prada Locations...Weird Website?

  1. Hi All! I have had a MAJOR problem with an ebayer (buyer) related to a Prada bag that I am now going to get authenticated for him ('cuz he's too lazy to do it himself, but he lives 5 minutes from the Prada Flagship Boutique on 5th Ave. in Manhattan), so I'm trying to find Prada Locations, as I know that while they don't authenticate in-store, I'll have it shipped out to the repair center which, I'm told by the mananger of the 5th avenue store in Manhattan, that they will do at the boutiques. Repair is free, and return of the bag comes with a letter indicating its authenticity.

    So...because Prada's website is WEIRD (there's nothing there but 1 picture!!), can anyone tell me how to find boutique locations? I'm thinking I'll have to drive to D.C. or Philly. Can anyone tell me where to find the Prada boutiques? :confused1:

    Thanks for your help, ladies!

    If anyone wants to read about the whole, ugly dispute, it's in the eBay forum titled, "Oh Please help..."
  2. Pity Jill's on vacation. I think she has every Prada boutique on speed dial! :roflmfao:

    Why not ring up one of the NY boutiques and ask them? And yes, Prada's website is stupid!
  3. No Prada in Philly..LOL..Or ID be working there..heehee
    Im in Aruba..but signing in at night....LOL......There are several NY stores..Google them for addy(SOHO,MADISON AVE,BROADWAY)...ETC)