where can I find pic.'s of chanel beige on beige cc's cambon tote

  1. Hi!
    I recently saw a woman with a cambon ligne tote, beige with beige cc's too! I thought it was gorgeous, where can I find some pic.'s of this purse? Or where can I find one, is it an old purse? THANKS:supacool:
  2. Possibly in the reference library in the Cambon section.
  3. I tried there weren't any pic.'s for this particular bag... thanks anyways!
  4. There is one holding for me at my boutique, the SA said it was the last one that had not been sold. Im undecided whether to get it or not.
  5. Here you go, I hope this help (photos from Japanese site)
    img10151633924.jpg img10151633841.jpg img10151633842.jpg img10151633845.jpg
  6. I personally really like this bag as the patent makes it not so in your face, and it would make a perfect summer bag. I would get it, good luck in deciding x
  7. Wow, thanks so much for the pictures!!! This bag is gorgeous!!!
  8. I think you should, it is so gorgeous!!!!!!! How much is it? Send me some pic.'s as soon as you can!!!!!!:drool::yahoo:
  9. I love the beige on beige.
    The large tote pictured is $1600-ISH