Where can i find Mulberry in Birmingham?

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  1. I'm going te be in Birmingham for a week (next week) to work at a Fair... Does anyone know where i can find Mulberry bags over there? I only know Selfridges sells a few...
  2. According to the Mulberry website, they're stocked in House of Fraser in Birmingham.
  3. Yes:yes: I was just going to hear HOF in birmingham. Ive heard they have a huge one there, as big as the london Selfridges.
  4. I meant SAY not hear lol :|

    Good luck on your bag finds!
  5. Harvey Nichols, at the Mailbox in Birmingham, has a small selection too. The scene of my first ever Mulberry purchase and now I can't stop ... :rolleyes:
  6. Thanks everyone!
    Selfridges, HOF & Harvey Nichols here I come!!!

    Do you think there will be some sale items?? I'll be there from 31-01 till 06-02, but am only able to go shopping after the weekend!
  7. Pootle, the Harvey Nichols in Leeds was my first Mulberry buy... and I can't stop either:P
  8. As of last Saturday (24th Jan) the Mulberry sales had all but finished at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. The HOF one was still going strong though - they recently increased reductions to 50% meaning I could finally buy my green Maggie.:yahoo:Fingers crossed it'll still be on when you're visiting!
  9. Ooh are you going to be at the spring gift fair Sterre? Mr Pheebs firm will be there, he's trying to avoid having to go!
  10. Yes I am an exhibitor there... So i'm there for the full 5 days (+1 before +1 after)!
    I always run to the taxi's when the show ends (6 PM) and have a full hour to shop;)
  11. Sterre - I naively thought my first bag (chocolate Mabel) would be the only Mulberry I'd ever need ... four bags later and I really must stop!;)
  12. LOL, I thought that my large Mabel would be the only 'expensive' bag i'd ever need... Five more followed in 6 months!!! I really must stop too!! But i find it hard to do so, can't say no to a nice Mulberry on Sale...
  13. Enjoy yourself Sterre, hope work is profitable and shopping affordable!
    Hi Pootle, welcome to the best and worst place to be a mulberry fan. Best because everyone is so lovely, worst because we are all evil bag enablers!
  14. Thank you Pheebs. I promised DH after my latest purchase that I would remain completely satisfied - so why am I still on this site all the time?! :Push: I'm so tempted by everyone else's Mulberry collections.
  15. Thank you!!