Where can I find Mulberry handbags online?

I've seen them at Neiman's and Barney's in Beverly Hills, and Nordstroms at The Grove in LA has them. Barney's had a Roxanne in oak when I was there today.
Loren I saw your item on ebay, it's a beautiful bag and I'm torn between that style or the Phoebe, I like them both but their construction is different so I don't know if the one you're selling is too bulky....decisions decisions he he.
I have the phoebe the bayswater and the roxanne. they are all different and I love them all. the phoebe you can carry on your shoulder, it is narrower than the roxanne which is bulkier but so very good looking. It is actually the biggest eyecatcher of all three bags except for the fact that my bayswater is apple green.