Where can I find more Purses?

  1. I know this style has been discontinued but wanted to see if anyone knew where I could still find some? I bought a Truffle at NM last week, but now I am looking for a brighter/differenet color.

  2. I know there are a few being sold on eBay but I don't like the colors.

  3. I this probably won't help you, since I think your NM had both of these... but I'll post just in case anyone else is looking for them.

    NM in Troy, MI had ALOT more of older stock on the floor when I was there yesterday... They had (1) Truffle & (1) Sapin purses out.

    Also, Grenat Mini-B, Grenat Work, she had the Ink work that was on hold for some on the PF... And there was this gorgeous Mid-Afternoon that wasn't there last time, that for the life of me - I couldn't figure out what color it was!! It was a indigo-looking blue, similiar to that mystery blue that was in Holts a while back... I had my blueberry with me & it was a purer, lighter blue then that, and it was too light to be Marine... :confused1:

    I will keep my eyes peeled for you Judie! Someone had a beautiful Grenat Purse style on eBay not too long ago... but I am glad I passed on the Grenat, after seeing the style in person yesterday... because it just didn't fit my body type very well. :sad: A Twiggy it is for me!
  4. try eBay and i saw one in black color....anyway, it tends to pop up once in awhile on ebay......good luck