where can i find L.A.M.B. in the US?

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  1. my aunt is visiting the us and im desperate for lamb i have loved it scince it came out (being a guy) im interested in the bags (unisex ofcourse) in a messenger or duffle with the lamb monogram print and the shoes the site has no pics at all of bags! (they had some shoes) and says to email them for the store locations, my aunt is visiting la, NY, vegas, san fran where is the easiest and best store for her to find something for me (als o if anyone han help me find a site or post pic of lamb bags it will be apreciated):yahoo:
  2. AT kitson, LA...you can go online. shopkitson.com
  3. I think you can order from their website as well, if you are in the USA (not sure about international). In Canada, Holt Renfrew sells it.
  4. I've seen LAMB clothing at Nordstrom. It's also available at Shopbop.com but I have not noticed if they had the handbags.
  5. thanks guys
    you really great im about to try the links
  6. Sorry but none of these sites have lamb bags on them? kitson seems to have the largest range do they sell bags at the stores?
  7. There are no L.A.M.B bags available and here's why: Le Sportsac had them and when their contract with Gwen was over the bags were discontinued. Gwen is designing her own bags but they are not out yet.
  8. are you kidding? i was dieing for one and now tat i have the chance to get one they dont sell them! omg that sucks so so much when are hte new bags to be released?
  9. possibly ebay??..??
  10. ^^^^ you can get them at ebay.

    Coldplaylover is right... and because of this, the bags on ebay tend to be overpriced.
  11. shopkitson.com