Where can I find khaki skinny pants?

  1. I'm looking for khaki skinny pants...NOT made of denim!

    If anybody can help me I would be very grateful!

  2. I found some at zara this weekend!
  3. Aw I don't have a zara anywhere near me! :sad:

    Thanks nauticalstar! those are cute but I am looking for skinny pants that are tight and long! But thanks for trying to help me :smile:

    If anyone else has any leads then please let me know!! Thanks you guys!
  4. Hello girls... I may be just wishful thinking but was wondering if others can help after a little *Bump*

    Thanks ladies!
  5. i was looking through a delias catalog the other day and i think i remember seeing some khaki skinny pants. i know they sell pants in long lengths, but i'm not sure any other details. maybe check out their site and see if they have anything you like.
  6. i've seen some nice khaki skinny pants from theory