Where can I find information about the PNY line, please? Is is still available?

  1. Amanda--is it OK to post here; it is a follow up to the SJ bag post, but that is the first I have seen of the line and I really like it!
  2. If you go to the reference area, there is a thread for the paris new york collection. I love it too but sadly have no pieces!....yet!
  3. leem, the PNY line was last fall (pre-fall actually). That line has already gone on sale at Chanel Boutiques so I'm not quite sure how available those pieces are anymore. There may still be a few items lurking around.
  4. think you can still view the collection on Chanel.com, but your best bet is to call 1800 and have them locate one for you, a lot of times i call for not in season items, SA just told me:sold out, sould out w/o trying to locate it.

  5. The PNY collection was on sale:confused1:
  6. ^^When I called for a wallet, nothing was mentioned and they couldn't even locate it in the system. ???
  7. Me too. I really wanted a PNY black zippered wallet.:sad:
  8. I saw that PNY bag and the wallet(s) at the South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA) boutique. This was like 2 weeks ago, but you might want to give them a call and see if they are still there.
  9. Mon, that's what I was thinking! Sale? PNY?
    Is the world coming to an end?:cry:
    I'd take one of everything from this Ligne, it's FANTASTIC!!!!!
  10. they were never on sale. I think she ment sale as in " for sale" not "on sale"

    which paris NY piece are you searching for?
  11. ^^Is it in the system at NM? The SA I was working with said she couldn't locate one in black... ~confused as usual~
  12. I saw an off-white PNY flap today at NM in palo alto! The one SJ wore. It's beautiful.
  13. ^ thats been there for ages :sad:

    whats the deal!