Where can i find in NY, LA, Vegas? (R&R, Galliano, and YSL)

  1. Hi one of my closest friends is going to America, (LA, Chicago, Vegas, and NY) He offered to get me some stuff that i can get back here at home, i asked about NY cos he is spending the most time there and is a fashion inclined.

    I am particularly interested in R&R mens jeans (specifically the ones with the R&R logo not just the ring R if it makes any difference.) So where would be the best (and hopefully cheapest) place to get R&R's? Next is a Galliano newspaper T-shirt, i don't even know if they sell it in NY but i assume somewhere would have it, and finally a YSL logo t-shirt (not big on it so if its really difficult to get too or is really $$ I'm willing to drop it from the list.)

    TIA so much, sorry for the long post
  2. Are you talking about Rock and Republic? Those can be found at almost any upscale departments store.
  3. Yeah rock and republic sorry i should have specified, are they hte smae price roughly everywhere? so Barneys, or Bergdorf Goodman?
  4. yeah they have R&R in Bloomies, Bergdorfs, Barneys

    The rest you can also get at the really upscales ones barneys, Saks, etc.
  5. thanks soo much
  6. Try the YSL store on Madison or 57th Street. It's a popular shirt so they may be sold out.

    R&R is the same price everywhere unless you go to a discount store like Century 21 or Filene's Basement. But I'm not 100% sure those particular stores even carry R&R....
  7. ^^ I got a pair of R&R Skinnys with blue R's on the back from Century 21 =D. Bloomies has rocks.
  8. Yea, R&R can be found in many places. If it's your friends first time to NY, tell them to stick with 5th ave., Many stores are there so it would be easier for them to find a place.