where can i find gucci belts on sale?

  1. i know this isn't a bag q, but there isn't really a spot for this, and i figure you gals would know where i can find AUTHENTIC gucci belts on sale. Preferably under $100. I want one with the GG buckle. thanks
  2. Saks had them on sale today in the store I was at.
  3. really? I don't have a Saks here, and i don't see any gucci online. damn. Do you remember how much they were going for and what style??
  4. Gucci.com will have them on sale on June 6th. I don't know about under $100, the only time I've seen them that cheap is at Filene's Basement in D.C. and then in super small sizes. I saw some in the Gucci store for about 40% off.
  5. thanks! I'll keep an eye on their website, as that's all i've got around me.
  6. Yeah...Saks had some for about 230 to 265 with 30 off. The chocolate Guccissma,red&blue stripe with big G's,red&green stripe, red w/the big g's. I can't quite remember the exact price but I believe at the Gucci store they had some for 199.
  7. check out NM too. They have some cute Gucci belts.
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