Where can I find green CL Iowa?

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  1. I really love the green Iowa but I don't know where to find them. I saw them on NAP but of course they are sold out in my size. I am not near any CL boutique. I heard a rumor that they are only available online. Online where? Why? Anyone know?
    If I can't find green I'm getting black this weekend. I love this shoe!
  2. I would try calling one of their boutiques in NYC. Here is the number for Madison Avenue. (212) 396-1884. Or maybe try Bergdorf Goodman/ Neiman Marcus. Good luck.
  3. yea last i saw they were available on the Barneys website. you can also call either the madison ave CL boutique or the one on horatio. their num is 212 255-1910. if they dont have them here in ny, they can call the california store and see if they have them in your size and ship them to you. :yes: :graucho: good luck!
  4. I've seen those at the Saks in New Orleans. You can have them shipped to you.
  5. Wow! You guys are great. Thanks! The Barneys website has my size. I always forget about Barneys.