Where can I find great deals in the Houston area?

  1. Hi!
    I am grabbing this idea from another thread, but thought this would help me start my shopping places ideas!
    I would like to ask you ladies, if your from the Houston area, where do you shop for great deals? anything from consignment shops to thrift shops are great if you know of any! I just recently found this place called the Buffalo Exchange, and I love it, such good stuff! Anyway, I would appreciate it. By the way, just so you get an idea, I am a young college student so funds are limited, no Galleria for me! heeheehee:P
  2. Totally off topic but I am so in love with your dog :love: I told my bf I'm getting a Pekingese after seeing alll your cute pics and he was just like "they're too girly and won't play fetch why do you want one?"...boys! :suspiciou

    Have fun shopping in Houston!! :o)
  3. Thanks sparkles! I hope you get one, I was lucky to have her. She is a wonderful pup! and I love her to death! She is having surgery next month to get spayed.
  4. love2shop... Buffalo Exchange on Westheimer in Montrose is awesome.. and also if you look across the street... there are another 2 more stores just like that.. I can't remember the names of them but you can't miss them! Also the store next to Buffalo Exchange (Wishes?) is one of my fav boutiques... they arrange stuff so it looks like a thrift store but everything in there is new... i almost always find something i have to have everytime i go in there..
    if you need any directions, feel free to ask or just pm me... i live right in montrose so i'm right there! good luck w/ yr shopping :smile:
  5. love2shop...the two stores across the street from Buffalo Exchange are taxi taxi and fashion recycler. Also, there are lots of resale/thrift shops up and down that part of Westheimer, and there are also two consignment shops on West Gray in the shopping center on the same side of the street as the River Oaks theater. If you go down Dunlavy towards West Gray, there is a resale shop on the right side of the road, and they have good stuff. I can't remember the name of it, but they close early. Also, the Blue Bird on West Alabama ( going towards downtown) has cute stuff too. Hope that helps.