Where can I find Goyard bags in Italy

  1. I'm going to Milan and florence in a week and I've been searching the internet for a department store of any sort that carries Goyard bags. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. I believe the only department store that sells Goyard is Barneys. Good luck!
  3. Speaking of Goyard Bags? Can anyone that owns a PM tote tell me what the silver snap on the inside of the wallet is suppose to identify on it. Or any other things to distinguish a real one from a fake? Thanks
  4. i can't believe the only place in the entire Europe that sells Goyard is Goyard in Paris. Does anyone know?

    the silver snap? I have the pm tote and there is a blue snap button (same color as ur tote), not silver. the inside is silver and it has no identification.
  5. If you live in the US, you might want to contact the SF boutique (which is, I believe, the only boutique in America (currently). [SIZE=-1]-(415) 398-1110-

    I'm sure they'll happily direct you to wherever it is possible to purchase Goyard!

    Good luck!
  6. I live in Italy and don't have any idea about what Goyard bags are, sorry!
    Brands like Coach, D&B, Tokidoki are not sold in Italy and italians don't even know them! Sorry!
    May I suggest you to profit of seasonal sales? They are starting today and last untill the end of February.
    Take a look at Braccialini, Tod's and furla :smile: