Where can I find gold or silver Lanvin flats?

  1. I am desperate for a pair of gold, silver or bronze Lanvin flats. Is anyone aware of any websites, other than eBay, that still have them?

    Also, do you know when shipments of the newest colors will be hitting stores? I want to be first in line.

    Thanks so much!!
  2. u could always call jeffreys in new york and ask them. If u call talk to Eddie he's beyond sweet
  3. Thanks Angelie. The silver one you posted looks almost white to me. Have any of you seen a pair that look more silver. I swear I've seen a more silver pair in magazine pictures. I really want gold or bronze most of all but will take silver if can't find those.
  4. i think they just look like that in the pic. call around i'm sure u'll find them
  5. I found my gold ones at Harrods and my silver ones at Barneys. Also try Madison stores in Los Angeles and Houston.