where can i find fring line?

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  1. hi gals..
    so i decided to get the three speedys..mono,azure and damier with the miroir speedy on the wait..
    and i would really love to get the fring bag...either speedy or bucket but cant seem to find it in the UK...i dont want to buy from eBay but i would want it from the boutique...
    so did u see one ?
  2. Have you called vuitton to see if they can locate one for you ?
  3. Yup. Calling Vuitton is your best bet next to eBay... if you have any authenticity questions, feel free to ask in the authentication thread. ;)
  4. I would get one from Let-Trade! They have a bucket for sale right now below retail in MINT condition!!!:graucho:

    Never mind! I just noticed that you were looking for a speedy!!!
  5. I think they are sold out in the UK but try customer services. It will help if you have the model numbers. Does anybody know them?
  6. M40109 is the model # for white frange bucket and M40113 is the model for the white frange speedy.
  7. KK has one on her website also. Ask LT if he has one too :yes: G'luck on the Frange Speedy! Are you getting a white one?
  8. bag fetish
    lv addict
    lable addict

    thanx alot guys..u've been a great help:love:


    i would get any coloure i find..
    im really into this bag:drool: