where can I find Fragonard Fragrances...

  1. Hello Ladies/gents,

    I generally post under the Chloe and the B-bag threads so some of you may know me,

    a friend recently returned from a trip to France (like yesterday!!) and she bought me a little miniature bottle of Fragonard Fragrance....

    well needless to say I absolutely LOVE IT!!!:heart: :heart:

    so option 1: where oh where can I get it in Australia!! does anyone know, or is there maybe a website/online store that I can order it from??

    any help would be absolutely fabulous..otherwise option 2: I may have to convince hubby to take me to Paris or the French Riviera to personally pick up a bottle ..;)

    ps: I would prefer option 2...but would settle for option 1
  2. I LOVE Fragonard. I had Dahlia, and then one other fragrance. And I love those little ducks they sell too.

    Anyway, Fragonard does have a website. At least they did a few years ago. But I had trouble navigating it. You could try that. But I don't see any harm in taking a nice little trip to pick up a bottle. ;) :wlae:
  3. I've been to Grasse... was just there last summer, actually. It is for sure worth a trip to see the great perfumeries!!!
  4. Oh, did you do a search online? It might be possible to order from the internet.
  5. theres' a bunch on ebay