where can i find discounted diesel jeans?

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know where or when i can find MALE diesel jeans on sale? I found some on Lord and Taylor for $200 and loved them. I don't know what style they were. I really am looking to spend less than $150. Any help/advice?
  2. check to see if you have a Loehmanns by you .. they have diesel jeans at the one by me and they are usually selling there for like 50- 80 bucks there. Store finder http://loehmanns.com/?p=find_us
  3. You can also find them quite often on Smartbargains.com which is the online outlet center for Loehmann's. You have to keep checking because they sell out quite quickly. If you sign up for their e-mails they will send you discount codes for free shipping and additional percentages off. I buy things from them all the time!
  4. thank you so much. i just realized that the only loehmans in the state (MA) just opened this summer at the natick collection. i will have to take a ride up some day and check out their stuff. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ditto the Loehmann's comment.
  6. Yoox.com has a great selection of Diesel jeans, during their sales they are true bargains. I've gotten them for $40 before.
  7. bluefly.com has some but they can be overpriced. there's also diesel outlets.
  8. DJpremium.com has some good sales. However, I don't like the store that much. I was looking for a pair for my boyfriend and a coupon code that I know of recently expired. So I called the customer service to ask about a new coupon code and the CS said "We have no idea about coupon codes. In fact, I find out about them from our customers. We don't know if there is a coupon code or what the coupon code is." That just doesn't make any sense...
  9. thanks guys. i'll hopefully be hitting up loehman's this weekend. anyother suggestions that you might have?
    What is one of diesel's generally most fitting MALE styles that is reasonably priced that i might find?
  10. ooh good male diesel jeans on sale are pretty hard to find since its a very popular mens brand.
  11. guys quick what do you think of these? they are size 33x32. how do they fit??!?!!?!? and how is the crotch area?? thanks!!!!!
  12. Nordstrom Rack - I usually find fabulous jeans there (gotta love my sevens!) Check the racks really good - sometimes you may find prehemmed ones for cheaper. Good luck and post your finds!
  13. Nordstrom.com has a pair or two for $99 right now. Good luck! Just check back regularly they always have good deals on jeans.
  14. My Nordstrom Rack has them too...I'm not familiar with their styles/wash though.