Where can i find Dior Homme online besides eluxury?

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm after authentic Dior Homme bags and small leather goods which i can purchase online. But i live in Sydney, Aus so getting it off Eluxury is out of the question. Does anyone know where else i can buy Dior Homme from? They don't sell it in the boutiques here. =(
  2. Hi diorable,

    one site i know that has dior homme is luisa via roma:
    luisaviaroma.com ::: shopping online

    they sell authentic goods of course. another site i know of is bluefly.com:
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    but it has very limited bags/small leather goods items. (and i've heard of some PFers complaining about being sold fake chloe/balenciaga bags)

    another way is perhaps you could browse the dior homme website (DIOR official website ­ DIOR HOMME) and get the name of the item you want, then ring up the boutique in sydney to ask if they could bring in the item? (i know that it's possible over here in the UK) alternatively, i don't know whether this is possible, but you could ring up the dior store in harrods (UK) and enquire if they'd do mail order. their number is (+44) 0207 730 1234 (ext. 2277), the dior branch in harrods seemed very helpful when i called them, so best of luck!
  3. Thanks heaps for the help zerodross! You're a life saver!