where can I find date code in the SONATINE?

  1. I just purchased a sonatine and I cannot find the date code/serial. does anyone know? thanks.
  2. Check the inside pocket along the seam..it should be there
  3. Upper left, above the interior pocket, it's embossed on the alcantara lining.
  4. If I'm not mistaken:

  5. John it's on the right?? OMG, mine is on the left corner....*gasp* i had mypoupette auth it b4 i purchase.....
  6. THANK YOU!!!!! I FOUNG IT. im so happy. thanks guys
  7. atomic-is yours on the left of right of Sonatine?
  8. Hmmm, it probably is located on the left side... I always thought it was on the right. But at least she knows that it's inside the pocket along the seam? :smile: Sorry for the mixup OP. ;)
  9. its on the left side of it. thank you so much guys. I literally screamed when i found it. I was getting very nervous, but I knew i was an authentic.
  10. here are some pictures of my bag
    sonatine.jpg sonatine close.jpg sonatine flap.jpg sonatine side.jpg
  11. love it! atomic_femme, you are going to have soo many compliments on this darling, such an unique design :heart:
  12. Congrats!

    Whew! Glad TPFers help you find your date code!
  13. i love these threads!
    the datecodes always appear in the most remote places!
  14. I miss my Sonatine. *Sigh*