where can I find cute lv shoes?

  1. I really want some
  2. Eluxury has some!
  3. Pretty much the same places you would find LV purses/assessories. ELUX is a great place to start!!
  4. I checked elux but there wasnt much :sad:
  5. yesterday someone posted a bunch of the new shoes...i am not sure the name of the thread, but you can find them on louisvuitton.com
  6. You can always check on vuitton.com, then order from a store....be careful tho, I find they run a bit small. In US sizes I wear mainly a 7.5, occassionaly an 8....but in LV I wear a 39, which they call a 9!

  7. ^^ beautiful collection of shoes
  8. Thanks, I have posted this before, but thought it was a good thread to show it again, for those who may have missed it ;)
  9. Take a look on Elux or vuitton.com
  10. i wanted to see the prices on vuitton.com but theres nothing there :sad:
  11. You can call 866, but most run about 500 ish, that is a good thumbnail.
  12. in stores...
  13. there is always eBay ifyou are super careful!